Our experts bring comprehensive planning solutions to help guide your organization to the right energy decisions.

Advisory services spans energy efficiency, solar solutions, electric vehicle infrastructure, tariff structures, and power expertise from NYPA. Today’s energy environment is complex. NYPA’s experts can provide the advice and guidance you need to help you move to a clean energy future.

We support the often complex process of moving towards clean energy. We bring deep knowledge of clean energy, and work with customers to create a unified energy vision across multiple facilities. Our consultants can provide insights into your project plans including a review of options, tradeoffs and implementation concerns. We understand regulatory requirements, tariff structures, and incentives, and can develop the right financing strategy for you.

Our advisory services will deliver to you an actionable roadmap for success. Contact us to learn more.

NYPA’s services extend across all clean energy solutions – including energy efficiency, LED lighting, solar, EV infrastructure and power program.
NYPA's advisory services makes moving to clean energy simple:
End-to-end management of the details
End-to-end capabilities
Our capabilities and expertise extend from planning and advisory through to negotiation, contracts, procurement, tariff structures, incentives and grants, implementation, and maintenance.
A simpler path to procurement
Comprehensive and
deep expertise
NYPA has the expertise and knowledge to help you plan and implement your next clean energy project and create a unified view of your energy future. Our engineers work across all areas including energy efficiency, solar + storage and EV infrastructure.
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A true partner
As a State Authority, we act as an extension of your staff. We provide objective advice, and help you implement the plan that best meets your financial and sustainability goals.
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Specialized guidance for government entities and state agencies
We have unparalleled expertise with regulatory, tariff, grants, and procurement strategy. We understand CLCPA goals and how to meet them. We can help you simplify the complex process of meeting your targets and achieving your goals.
FAQs & Eligibility
Can we purchase advisory services on a stand-alone basis, or are these services only offered as part of a larger energy project?

NYPA will develop standalone plans for customers who are looking for a multi-site or multi-project energy master plan. We provide plans for clean energy, tariff structures, electric vehicle infrastructure, energy efficiency and solar + storage. In addition, our advisory services are generally included as part of an end-to-end solution for energy efficiency and solar + storage projects.

Our typical advisory customer is one that may have multiple facilities or increasingly complex energy efficiency needs. We can help develop a unified approach and a comprehensive energy savings plan to meet your needs.

What services and products are covered by your advisory services?
We provide advisory services for solar + storage, energy efficiency, electric vehicle infrastructure, green power and tariff structures.
I am interested in starting an energy efficiency project / large clean energy project / master planning. How do I contact NYPA?
We can guide you. Contact us here
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