NYPA can show you programs that can help you achieve your clean energy future.

The following programs support our customers in areas of billing deferral, financing strategy, and clean energy adoption. Learn more about these programs, and see if you qualify.






NYPA Programs
BuildSmart 2025 (New Efficiency: New York and CLCPA)

BuildSmart 2025 is a program to help state agencies achieve their Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA) and New Efficiency: New York goals of delivering 11 TBtus of savings by 2025.

NYPA can help you meet your goals by providing expert advice and end-to-end support for the implementation of solar power, energy storage and new efficiency projects for state agencies, SUNY, and CUNY. Learn more about how NYPA can help you assess your situation, develop a roadmap, and achieve your energy savings goals.

Does BuildSmart 2025 apply to my organization?

BuildSmart 2025 is for New York State Agencies, and SUNY and CUNY institutions.

Municipal Alternative Vehicle Program (MAP)

This program provides municipal electric utilities and rural electric cooperatives with 0% financing for alternative drive, hybrid or electric vehicles, in addition to battery charging equipment.

Contact: energysolutions@nypa.gov and please note that you are looking for information about the Municipal Alternative Vehicle Program.
Tree Power

Municipal electric utilities and rural electric cooperatives plus SENY (Southeastern New York) are eligible. Trees can conserve energy in the form of shade that keeps your building cooler and acts as a wind break. This program offers benefits to customers that strategically plant trees.

Contact energysolutions@nypa.gov and tell us you are looking for information about the Tree Power program.

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