From fast-charging stations to electrifying transit fleets, NYPA makes going electric easy – cutting emissions without breaking the bank.

Electrifying your fleet can be streamlined – and affordable. NYPA’s experts are here to support you from start to finish, with tailor-made plans and advisory services that make your decarbonization goals a reality, while minimizing upfront costs.

Whether you are considering transportation electrification solutions for the first time or looking for more options for your current vehicles, NYPA has the services you need.

For those in the early stages, you can trust NYPA to get you started with feasibility studies, master planning, technology research, and the identification of grants and financing solutions. If you’re already committed to going electric, we are a trusted partner that can lead the engineering, design and construction of your charging infrastructure project.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you can electrify your fleet.

"The future of public transit technology has arrived in the Finger Lakes region and I am grateful to be working with a talented team of employees, supporters, and partners to put RTS on the leading edge of this effort."
Rochester Transportation Services (RTS) CEO Bill Carpenter
Adopting new technology can be daunting. NYPA is ready to help each step of the way:
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Decades of expertise in
clean energy infrastructure
NYPA’s eMobility team brings you the expertise you need for your electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure project.
End-to-end management of the details
Vendor selection
and prequalification
From design to technology selection to implementation, NYPA maintains a prequalified pool of world-class vendors.
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NYPA understands
your needs
A fuel conversion project can be complex. Our team understands that and is here to help you identify the right solution to meet your needs.
Rochester Regional Transit Service
With the NYPA team behind them, Rochester has taken its first step towards a zero-emission bus fleet

When Rochester Regional Transit Service (RTS) committed to electric buses, they turned to NYPA to support the engineering and construction services associated with charging their fleet. RTS replaced 10-diesel powered buses with zero-emission electric buses, and NYPA’s eMobility team helped RTS design and install Direct Current (DC) charging stations to support the adoption of these EVs.

This is the first part of a multi-phase plan, and RTS has committed to a goal of being 100 percent zero-emission by 2035.

The Result: RTS reduced greenhouse emissions - with energy savings of almost $200,000 per bus over its 12-year service life.

FAQs & Eligibility
I have fleet vehicles that I would like to electrify. Can NYPA help me?

NYPA helps set up the infrastructure required to switch your vehicles from gas or diesel to electric. We create a plan for you, identify any grants and incentives, advise you on the site, and install charging stations. We help with the infrastructure and planning required to adopt electric vehicles at your location.

We do not purchase the actual electric vehicles, but can help coordinate with NYSERDA, who administers rebate and incentive programs for electric vehicles.

I am a business. Can you help me with electric vehicle charging projects at my location? How large or small are the projects that you help with?

Yes. NYPA can provide electric vehicle services to our business and economic development customers including those who are purchasing power from NYPA.

The NYPA team can assist with a range of advisory services from master planning to rate optimization, and we are best-positioned to assist customers with the electrification of entire fleets of multiple vehicles, such as those for transit or delivery.

Why should I work with NYPA instead of another consulting firm to establish my fleet infrastructure?

Vehicle electrification, especially at scale, is a relatively new technological application. NYPA is well-positioned to help you navigate this uncharted territory - drawing from its subject matter expertise as well as a long history of complex project management. NYPA has installed over 400 charging stations across New York State. Our staff can provide advice on optimal locations to maximize charging station use while minimizing the installation costs. We also purchase electric vehicle charging stations in bulk, resulting in a substantial discount.

How much do you charge for your fleet infrastructure planning services? How does NYPA get paid?

Costs vary based on the customer need, complexity, and scope. NYPA charges a basic standard fee to oversee planning and advisory services. The fee covers NYPA’s time to issue and evaluate bids for services and to the review and present recommendations.

Can you help me identify financing options and NY State incentives for electric vehicles?

Yes. NYPA’s eMobility team will help to identify any applicable grants and incentives, and can describe financing options available. These grants, incentives and financing options include the NYSERDA Truck Voucher Program. There are also significant incentives available to municipalities from the NYS DEC to install public charging stations.

I represent a local government. Can you install Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations in my community? Can you help me electrify my fleet?

Yes. There are significant incentives available to municipalities from the NYS DEC to install public charging stations. By installing electric vehicle charging stations, municipalities are able to attract residents and visitors to their downtown commercial district, while improving local air quality and reducing greenhouse gases. Municipalities can also team with NYPA to add electric vehicle charging stations to support their municipal fleet vehicles.

I don’t have capital to spend this year. Can you help me finance the project?

Yes. We structure each project to meet your goals.

We can help you fund your EV fleet infrastructure project with no upfront cost, and then can structure your payments so you pay for them over time. These electrification upgrades generally reduce your operating costs overall, so in this case, you can expect to see a reduction in your overall annual operating cost.

If a customer prefers to capitalize the expense, we can help with that, as well.

Does fleet electrification help me meet Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA) or BuildSmart NY Goals?

That varies from case to case. Transportation accounts for roughly 40 percent of emissions in New York State, and must be addressed in order to meet Governor Cuomo’s CLCPA goal of an 85% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Zero-emission transportation is a highly effective way to reduce carbon impact. BuildSmart NY does not have any defined goals specific to EVs – but it does specify that electricity usage associated with EV charging is exempt from reporting.

What is Charge NY?

Charge NY is New York State's initiative to get more electric cars, trucks and buses on the road. It includes a range of programs offered by various state agencies including NYPA as well as NYSERDA and the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation. Since the program’s inception, Charge NY has supported the installation of hundreds of EV charging stations, revised regulations to simplify charging station ownership, and sponsored technology research. Resources are available here.

If I install public chargers in my community, can I collect revenue?

Yes. If you install public charging, you set the price and collect revenue from these charging stations. NYPA promotes these stations by posting charging station locations on websites commonly used by electric vehicle drivers.

If I am pursuing energy efficiency projects, can I bundle them with charging infrastructure projects for financing purposes?

Yes. You have the option to bundle your electric vehicle charging station installation with other energy efficiency projects.

I am not a business owner, and am not a government entity. I am not looking for infrastructure services. I am looking for information about the public charging station network that NYPA is building for drivers up and down the state of New York.

NYPA’s Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Services described here are for government entities and businesses that are looking to electrify their fleet. For information about EVolve, a separate initiative where NYPA is building a public charging network up and down New York State, go here.

I am interested in your electric vehicle infrastructure services. How do I contact you?
Contact us here or reach out to us by email to
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