Your trusted advisor for clean energy solutions, offering turnkey services from audits to installation. NYPA manages the details so you don’t have to.

NYPA brings world-class expertise to capital projects. We help clients manage the sometimes complex process of developing energy projects to save energy, reduce costs and manage your carbon footprint.

We manage every step from site audits through to contracting, installation and maintenance. NYPA’s energy efficiency services cover all technologies, including HVAC upgrades, boiler replacements, LED lighting, wastewater systems, elevator improvements, and more.

We know energy and we know New York. We are up-to-date on clean energy incentives, and can help you meet state mandates.

Learn more about how NYPA can support your Energy Efficiency initiatives.


If you are a State Agency or Authority, we can help you achieve your New Efficiency: New York goals through NYPA's BuildSmart 2025 program. Learn more here.

Energy Efficiency By The Numbers
Energy Efficiency projects
Facilities upgraded
Annual cost savings for our customers
NYPA provides end-to-end solutions for your energy efficiency upgrades:
End-to-end management of the details
End-to-end management
of the details
End-to-end project management including capex and opex planning and installation for all your clean energy projects and upgrades.
A simpler path to procurement
A simpler path to procurement
NYPA offers a vast network of pre-vetted service contractors through a simple process overseen by skilled engineers and project managers.
Structured to meet your financial needs
Structured to meet your financial needs
We identify incentives and offer low-interest project financing. Projects can be accomplished with no up-front cost, and through on-bill payments.
Transparency and NY State expertise
Transparency and NY State expertise
NYPA has 60+ years of expertise managing clean energy projects for government entities and businesses. We offer fully transparent, objective solutions that meet state mandates.
Stony Brook University is thoroughly engaged in responsible stewardship of resources, saving money and being as efficient as possible, which includes the implementation of energy-saving initiatives... this is a win-win.
Interim President of Stony Brook University Michael A. Bernstein
Case Study
New Yorkers look to Bellevue for their health. Bellevue looked to NYPA for energy efficiency and cost savings

As the oldest and one of the largest public hospitals in the US, Bellevue has been caring for New Yorkers for over 280 years. When the hospital was looking to lower energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint, NYPA helped Bellevue identify energy efficiency upgrades - replacing 28,000 light fixtures with LED lighting, installing 2,500 occupancy sensors and refurbishing their air handling unit.

The Result: Energy cost savings of more than $1 million annually.

NYC’s largest bus depot needed a 21st century clean energy upgrade. NYPA did the job

The 640,000 square foot Michael J. Quills Bus Depot operates 24/7 with 375 buses moving through it every day. NYPA’s job was to recommend energy efficiency solutions to upgrade the facility. We did that and more.

From cost-benefit analysis to site evaluation, contractor selection and installation, NYPA led the process, while also identifying incentives from NYSERDA and other state sources, helping the MTA reach CLCPA goals.

The upgrade included LED lighting conversion with Smart features, wireless dimmers, and upgrades of their hot water pumps, HVAC system, chillers, DCV, BMS, boiler systems and air compressors.

The Result: Total CO2 reduction of 4000+ tons per year, and over $1 million annually in energy savings.

FAQs & Eligibility
Am I eligible to work with NYPA on energy efficiency projects?

Eligible organizations include government entities, businesses, and not-for-profits in New York State. These include local governments, municipalities, state agencies, hospitals, K-12 schools, and universities. We can work with your business on energy efficiency projects if you are a power supply customer (such as a customer of WNY, ReCharge, or Preservation Power).

What type of energy efficiency projects does NYPA do?

NYPA provides services ranging from simple to complex retrofits of LED lighting upgrades, HVAC systems, boiler and chiller upgrades, air handling systems, wastewater treatment, and elevator improvements. We provide turnkey expert support ranging from strategic planning and advisory to site audits and installation. Our team can also develop a financing strategy to meet your needs.

Why should I work with NYPA instead of another organization?

With NYPA, you get an objective turnkey solution supported by NYPA’s strong technical experts. We are a true partner - working on your behalf to identify and implement the best solution for your specific needs.

Can NYPA help me plan energy efficiency projects that have no upfront costs?

Yes. We structure each project to meet your financial needs. We have capital investment structures with no upfront cost, and opportunities to provide on-bill financing. We are up-to-date on State and Federal incentives and grants, and can help you develop your clean energy project with full financial transparency.

NYPA continuously searches for opportunities to achieve savings for you. Our energy projects save customers over $250 million annually.

NYPA's mission and financial position lets us offer excellent terms and a very straightforward process.

Can you help me identify State and Federal grants and incentives for my project?

Yes. See above.

I own a business in New York State. Can you help me with energy efficiency projects at my location? How large or small are the projects that NYPA supports?

Yes. NYPA can provide energy efficiency support for business if you are currently purchasing power from NYPA through any of our low cost hydropower programs (WNY, ReCharge, or Preservation Power). NYPA generally works on projects that are over $500,000 where the technical expertise of NYPA, and access to on-bill financing, makes a difference.

I don't have capital to spend this year. Can you help me finance the project?

Yes. We structure each project to meet the customer's financial needs. We can help you fund these projects with no upfront cost, and then can structure your payments so you pay for them over time. These efficiency upgrades generally reduce your operating costs overall, so you can expect to see a reduction in your overall operating costs related to these upgrades. Some customers want to capitalize the expense, so we are flexible and can capitalize the expense as well.

What does NYPA charge for energy efficiency services (how does NYPA get paid for its services)?

NYPA enters into a Master Cost Recovery Agreement which specifies the pricing for energy efficiency. Our pricing is based on the complexity of the project.

Can you help me meet Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA) or BuildSmart 2025 goals?

Yes. State Agencies in New York State are moving towards BuildSmart 2025 goals. For these state agencies, we can identify and implement the projects that will provide the most impactful energy savings that qualify towards BuildSmart 2025.

How can I learn more about your services?

Contact us here or send an email to

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