NYPA’s BuildSmart 2025 program simplifies the process of achieving New York State’s aggressive energy goals – from assessment to implementation.

With BuildSmart 2025, NYPA can simplify the process of meeting the Governor’s energy efficiency standards – from assessment and advisory to contracting and implementation. We do the upfront energy audit, create the roadmap and implementation plan, and bring you turnkey project management. We track the progress of each energy-saving initiative - helping you lead by example.

NYPA’s BuildSmart 2025 advisory service provides expert advice and turnkey implementation of energy efficiency, solar, and storage projects. We also can show you how to access on-bill financing to minimize financial impact.

Contact us to learn more about how NYPA can help you meet your BuildSmart 2025 and New Efficiency: New York goals.


Are you a NYPA supply customer or an Executive Order 22 Affected Entity that is subject to BuildSmart 2025 requirements? Contact us today to receive access to the NY Energy Manager platform.

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NYPA's Projects By The Numbers
Energy efficiency projects
$300 M+
Invested in NYS/Year
NYPA's BuildSmart 2025 program simplifies the process to help you meet your energy goals
A simpler path to procurement
One-stop to meet your
New Efficiency: New York goals
NYPA makes it easy for you to meet your New Efficiency goals. We assess the situation, develop a roadmap, and implement your projects. We track results, and bring procurement and contracts expertise to make it simple.
End-to-end management of the details
End-to-end expertise
NYPA has capabilities extending from planning and advisory through to procurement, implementation, and maintenance. Our team of engineers works with our advisors during the planning process to ensure that you get the best solution.
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Excellent record
of project management and implementation
We start with a plan and a roadmap, and then provide turnkey implementation services. Our planning and engineering teams have completed over 2,400 energy efficiency projects and upgraded over 6,600 facilities.
Transparency and NY State expertise
Specialized planning and guidance
We are leading partners with state agencies, SUNY, and CUNY, and have unparalleled expertise with regulatory, tariff, and state agency issues. We know the best way to meet New Efficiency: New York, CLCPA and State goals.
FAQs & Eligibility
What is Executive Order 22?

Executive Order 22 (2022) streamlines and expands on many NY State energy and sustainability goals including the goal of achieving 11 TBTU of energy savings at state facilities by 2025. It directs Affected Entities to work with NYPA to achieve their allotted portion of the overall energy savings target and to consult the BuildSmart 2025 Program Guidelines for guidance on meeting their target. It also establishes NYPA’s NYEM as the system of record for all energy data.

Does my organization have to comply with NY State's Executive Order 22?

All EO 22 Affected Entities are subject to the requirements of EO 22 and BuildSmart 2025. A full list of EO 22 Affected Entities can be found here.

What is BuildSmart 2025?

EO 22 establishes “BuildSmart 2025” as the collective effort by Affected Entities to reduce site energy use by 11 TBTU by 2025 from a 2015 baseline – a goal that was originally set in New Efficiency: New York. BuildSmart 2025 leverages the resources and expertise of NYPA’s BuildSmart program to set individual Affected Entity energy savings targets, establish intermediate deliverables, and create supporting resources to set Affected Entities on a path to meeting the collective EO 22 energy goal.

What was BuildSmart NY and what is BuildSmart?

BuildSmart is an evolution of the original BuildSmart NY initiative, which was created in response to EO 88. EO 88 designated NYPA to coordinate compliance and drive state facilities to the 20% EUI reduction target. Within NYPA, a centralized team was established to administer EO 88 and was responsible for a number of tasks including: development of annual milestones; engagement of key stakeholders; assessment and mitigation of risk; providing strategic and technical assistance and oversight to state entities; reporting progress to the Governor’s Office and the public; and creating guidance to facilitate compliance.

BuildSmart continues and enhances these responsibilities to assist EO 22 Affected Entities as they plan for, act on, and track progress to individual and state-level energy savings targets.

What projects can count towards meeting my portion of the EO 22 11 TBTU energy savings goal?

Most projects that reduce energy use in state occupied buildings count toward an Affected Entity’s energy savings target. In addition, certain other activities that reduce dependance of fossil fuels, such as on-site renewables and beneficial electrification, could also contribute. Review the BuildSmart 2025 Program Guidelines for more information.

How do I learn more about BuildSmart 2025 and how NYPA can help me meet these goals?

Contact us here to learn more about BuildSmart 2025.

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