NYPA’s NY Energy Manager combines data-driven insights with expert consulting services to help reduce operating costs, improve building performance, and track your energy goals.

Whether you need to trim costs, identify opportunities to implement clean energy, pinpoint which of your facilities is using the most energy and when, or track your indoor air quality – NYPA’s NY Energy Manager puts you in control.

View your energy data anytime, anywhere, and all in one place with NY Energy Manager. Our web-based platform can capture your monthly energy bill data to help you compare your usage and spend over time. For more in-depth monitoring needs, NYPA offers full-service metering and submetering – feeding usage data to your NY Energy Manager dashboards for analysis.

Combine personalized analytics with our expert consulting services and receive custom reports delivered right to your inbox. Set a path to sustained savings with long-term energy master planning developed by our energy experts. Pair NY Energy Manager with NYPA’s other services to maximize the impact of your investment dollars.

Learn more about how NYPA can help you with digital energy management.


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NY Energy Manager By The Numbers
Facilities connected
Data points ingested
Why NY Energy Manager?
Put your energy data to work with personalized analytics delivered right to your inbox alongside advice from NYPA’s in-house experts:
A simpler path to procurement
The full picture -
in one place
View all your energy information – from electric and heating to waste, water and fleet – all on one platform.
expert icon
Energy experts
focused on your needs
Your energy expert will deliver objective, data-driven insights to meet your goals.
Structured to meet your financial needs
Goal-tracking with
verification of your savings
NY Energy Manager’s built-in analytics make it easy to compare trends month-to-month and year-over-year. Understand your savings and view your progress.
confirmation icon
World-class security
with NY State expertise
NYPA follows best-in-class data and cyber security standards to keep your sensitive data safe. NY Energy Manager is the trusted platform for all BuildSmart NY reporting compliance.
The partnership with NYPA is paying off... (With NY Energy Manager), we have been able to increase our energy savings ... (by reducing our) energy consumption.
Tom Lanzilotta, Campus Sustainability & Energy Manager, Stony Brook University
Metropolitan Transportation Authority
This state agency wanted to put its energy data to work – and NYPA made it happen

Operating a 375,000 square foot depot is expensive – and the MTA needed a way to manage and control energy usage across their facility. The MTA partnered with NYPA to install NY Energy Manager for a full view of their energy usage, and to establish data, analytics, and key insights to reduce costs. NYPA installed 214 meters and sensors including electric and flow-metered points, CO2 sensors and temperature sensors. Through the data generated in NY Energy Manager, the MTA was able to identify energy efficiency opportunities such as lighting upgrades, water conservation, and more.

The Result: The energy efficiency investments that were identified through NY Energy Manager paid back within two years and continue to save the MTA money.

FAQs and Eligibility
What is NYPA’s NY Energy Manager?

NY Energy Manager is a digital energy management platform from the NY Power Authority (NYPA) that aggregates your energy and utility usage in one place, providing you with a single, comprehensive view. Using NY Energy Manager can help you better understand your energy usage and identify opportunities to save energy and money, and to improve building performance. Access to the NY Energy Manager platform is available through the web or your mobile device.

Customers can add consulting and advisory services to supplement their NY Energy Manager platform access for additional analysis. Consulting services include custom monthly reports with insights on your energy trends - and recommendations for improvement. NYPA’s energy experts can also work with you to develop an energy master plan to support long-term, sustained savings.

What information is available in the NY Energy Manager platform?

The NY Energy Manager platform aggregates your energy data so you can see all your information in one place. The platform can capture energy data from utility bills, main-load meters, submeters, and existing data points (i.e. building management systems).

The NY Energy Manager platform then applies analytics to translate your data into useful dashboards and charts to help you see trends and identify opportunities for improvement. The platform allows for both detailed and comprehensive reviews of energy consumption and expenditures and contains a variety of tools like portfolio benchmarking.

If you are a NYPA power supply customer, NY Energy Manager is already capturing energy data from your NYPA electric accounts. Contact us to learn more.

Is there a cost to access NY Energy Manager’s platform and services?

Access to the NY Energy Manager platform is available free to NYPA power supply customers and all BuildSmart 2025 agencies. The platform is available to others for a small monthly fee. To request access to the NY Energy Manager platform, contact us here.

NY Energy Manager’s other services - such as utility bill integration, meter installation, and energy consulting services, are available to eligible entities in New York State at a cost commensurate with the size and scope of the project. Access to the NY Energy Manager platform is included with all NY Energy Manager service offerings.

For more information or to request a quote, contact us here.

Am I eligible to subscribe to NY Energy Manager?

NYPA’s NY Energy Manager platform and services are available to all NYPA power supply customers, state and local governments, agencies, and authorities, economic development customers, and not-for-profit higher education institutions and hospitals.

How can NY Energy Manager help me?

The NY Energy Manager platform can help you view and compare energy trends at the facility and portfolio level and track progress toward energy goals. By aggregating your energy data and applying data analytics, the platform offers a comprehensive and agile view of all your energy data in one place.

When paired with NYPA’s consulting services, customers can receive additional analysis of their data to uncover trends and identify opportunities for improved building performance. Consulting services are typically delivered as an emailed monthly report.

NY Energy Manager can also help you track sustainability goals by capturing non-energy carbon emitting sources such as water consumption, waste production, and fleet vehicle usage.

What is a Virtual Audit? I am a power programs customer, and I need to complete a virtual audit through the NY Energy Manager. How do I do that?

As part of its commitment to customers as a trusted energy advisor, NYPA requires economic development power customers to perform energy efficiency audits at the customer’s facilities. 

This virtual audit is conducted within NYPA’s New York Energy Manager (NYEM) platform instead of as an in-person audit of the facility.

When completed, you will have access to energy efficiency recommendations within NYEM and an on-demand facility performance report.

Current NYPA customers that wish to sign up for the virtual audit should contact their NYPA Account Executive to learn more.

I would like access to the NY Energy Manager platform. How do I request access?

Contact us for instructions on obtaining access to the NY Energy Manager platform.

I already have a NY Energy Manager username and password. How do I access the platform?

You can access the NY Energy Manager platform by logging in here.

If you’re having trouble logging in, contact us for help.

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