NYPA can help you upgrade your street lights to Smart LEDs. Lower your operating expenses, improve public safety and reduce your carbon footprint – with no upfront cost.

NYPA helps large and small communities convert to energy-efficient LED street lighting. We simplify the process, resulting in immediate savings for you at no upfront cost.

LED street lights are one of the smartest upgrades you can make. New street lights save you money, and visibly improve your community – making it brighter, more evenly lit, and safer.

NYPA helps you navigate the process of upgrading and installing new street lights from start to finish. We offer turnkey installation and a low-cost maintenance plan. NYPA manages the cost-benefit analysis, scoping and design, procurement, and financing strategy – bringing you competitively-priced installation, financing options, and one of the best maintenance programs in the market. You can expect to save as much as 50 percent in energy usage – and up to 70 percent on your street lighting bills.

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NYPA installs street lights to help NY State achieve 286,000 street lights – halfway to the 2025 goal!
Why Smart Street Lighting?
With Smart Street Lighting NY, NYPA brings LED energy savings, lower maintenance costs, and better lighting to your community
A simpler path to procurement
Turnkey solution
NYPA has the expertise to manage the end-to-end process - from cost-benefit analysis to site evaluation, installation, and maintenance.
Structured to meet your financial needs
Cost savings and reduced carbon footprint
LED upgrades reduce your cost while also minimizing your carbon footprint.
End-to-end management of the details
Better lighting with smart technology
Smart technologies enable you to remotely and efficiently control your lights. Embedded sensors can lead to safer streets and improve your community’s operations with data-driven decisions.
money icon
Financially structured to fit your needs
NYPA can identify incentives, and help you implement with no upfront payment.
This long term investment and partnership with NYPA will save the city money, while also reducing greenhouse emissions and incorporating modern technology.
Utica Mayor Robert Palmieri
Kingston, NY
NYPA helped Kingston achieve a win/win: Upgraded over 2,000 streetlights, and saved hundreds of thousands of dollars

This historic town looked to NYPA for help with their LED street lighting upgrade. NYPA managed the process for Kingston from end-to-end, from planning through to installation. NYPA’s design included assessing the placement and configuration of over 2,000 streetlights - including safety and aesthetic considerations in the final design.

Kingston is now working with NYPA to add sensors to some street lights as part of New York State's Smart Cities initiative to improve safety across the city.

The Result:

  • Better quality of light and improved safety 
  • 1.1 MW in energy reduction
  • Hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy cost savings

FAQs & Eligibility
Am I eligible to work with NYPA on street lighting projects? Is there a minimum size project that you do?

NYPA can work with local governments, state agencies, hospitals and universities on their outdoor lighting upgrades. We work with all eligible customers regardless of size.

LED Street Lighting customers who install asset control nodes are also eligible for a low-cost maintenance contract - including remote technology monitoring and managed service of your street lights.

What are the benefits of upgrading to LED Street lights?

Street lighting is typically one of the largest utility budget items for most communities. When you purchase and convert your street lights to LEDs you can expect:

  • Cost Savings. Reduce one of the largest operating cost items in your community. Our customers can save up to 50% on their energy, and up to 70% on street lighting operating costs
  • Better lighting. Your community will benefit from a better quality of light and improved safety
  • Smart Technology. When you upgrade to LED street lights, you can add Smart technologies for remote monitoring and adjustment of your street lights, and you can also include sensors to support the Smart Cities initiative
I want to upgrade, but I don’t want to invest capital this year. Can you help me fund the lights by lowering my operating costs?

Yes. An LED street lighting upgrade will generally reduce your continuing operating costs.

For financially qualified customers, we can structure your street lighting project to be cash flow neutral or positive. If you choose to utilize NYPA’s financing, there will be no upfront cost, and your first payment will be due when the project has been completed.

Why should I work with NYPA instead of another company to develop street lighting?

NYPA can simplify the process of upgrading to LED street lights and can manage the process for you from end-to-end. We have extensive expertise in clean energy, and we also can identify incentives,  and help you implement with no upfront payment.

How will I maintain my street lights?

After you purchase your street lighting system and work with NYPA to convert to LED lighting, you can enroll in NYPA’s Street Lighting Maintenance Service. With NYPA’s maintenance service, we remotely monitor your street lights and offer 24/7 repair service. We use pre-vetted contractors, and our services includes routing of routine, non-routine and emergency calls.

Can you help me identify financing options and NY State incentives?

Yes. As part of our turnkey service, NYPA can help identify incentives, and help you implement with no upfront payment.

To learn more about these incentives, grants, and financing options, contact us or email SmartStreetLightingNY@NYPA.gov.

If you are ready, you can provide some basic information to confirm your eligibility.

I'm interested in upgrading my street lights to LEDs. Who should I contact?

Contact us about converting your street lights to LEDs. We can develop a cost-benefit analysis, and can manage the entire process from start to finish.

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