NYPA brings clean, competitively-priced hydropower to your business in New York State. This energy is reliably provided by NYPA to support your company’s commitment to jobs and capital investment.

NYPA’s hydropower programs are available to eligible businesses across the entire state – bringing you competitively-priced clean energy with fixed-rate contracts.

NYPA works with businesses and not-for-profits that commit to New York’s vision of driving economic growth through jobs and capital investment. We support you as you expand operations, retain or create jobs, and continue to invest in your business or organization.

NYPA's hydropower is available for economic development through three programs:

  • ReCharge NY: NYPA’s largest green energy program - available across the state.
  • Western NY Hydropower: Available to eligible customers within a 30-mile radius of NYPA’s Niagara Power Project. Available to eligible companies that seek to locate or expand within the region.
  • Preservation Power: For eligible companies located within St. Lawrence, Franklin and Jefferson counties in the North Country.

NYPA’s hydropower programs provide clean, sustainable power that reduces carbon emissions and supports the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA) - empowering every New Yorker to fight climate change at home, at work, and in their community.

To learn more about NYPA’s hydropower programs, complete this contact form.


NY Energy Manager for Power Supply customers

Are you a NYPA supply customer or an Executive Order 22 affected entity that is subject to BuildSmart 2025 requirements? Contact us today to receive access to the NY Energy Manager platform.

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Customers can also use our NY Energy Manager platform to provide virtual energy efficiency audits for our power supply customers. Learn more here. 

NYPA's Hydropower By the Numbers
Customers approved for hydropower allocations
Jobs committed to date
Capital investment committed to date
*Source: February 2023 NYPA Trustee meeting
Why Hydropower from NYPA?
End-to-end management of the details
Clean energy for New York
NYPA’s hydropower programs (ReCharge NY, Western NY Hydropower, Preservation Power) provide renewable energy to support economic development and the growth of business in New York State.
A simpler path to procurement
Business growth
NYPA's hydropower is for organizations that maintain or increase jobs, invest capital, and expand or locate their business in New York.
Structured to meet your financial needs
Price stability with fixed-rate contracts
Long-term fixed-rate contracts help businesses better manage their expenses, and be more competitive.
Transparency and NY State expertise
Reliable power from NYPA
NYPA has a 60+ year history of reliably providing hydropower across New York State.
The reduced energy costs from NYPA's ReCharge Program have granted us the opportunity to reinvest in our operation and expand, and gives us cost certainties and savings that are absolutely necessary when competing against manufacturers in a global marketplace.
Bob Confer, Vice President of Confer Plastics
Case Study
Power to succeed: Low-cost energy helps Confer Plastics expand operations and support jobs

Confer Plastics makes specialty-molded products – including kayaks, hot tubs and swimming pool items – at its facility in Niagara County. In 2017, the company looked to NYPA for low-cost energy to support over 150 jobs - along with the successful expansion of their operations.

Confer received a low-cost power allocation of over 400 kW from NYPA’s ReCharge NY program. This energy came with a stable, predictable pricing structure, and allowed Confer to reinvest in its manufacturing facilities - supporting the local economy in Western NY.

The Result: The company was able to reinvest their energy savings into a $3 million expansion of production at their Niagara job site – retaining and adding dozens of new jobs.

FAQs & Eligibility
Am I eligible for NYPA’s hydropower programs?

NYPA’s hydropower programs were built with economic development as a goal.

Thus, NYPA’s clean power is awarded on a competitive basis to eligible businesses and not-for-profit organizations in New York State that have committed to job retention or creation, and to capital investment in New York State.

Eligible businesses and not-for-profits include: industrial, manufacturing, agriculture, higher education, hospitals, research & development, and warehousing & distribution. Organizations opening new or expanded facilities are encouraged to apply.

Local governments, state agencies and residential customers are not eligible.

If you have a question about eligibility, please contact us.

If you are interested in green energy without capital and employment commitments, you should look at NYPA's Market+ Power product.

Why should I apply for NYPA’s economic development hydropower programs?

NYPA provides economic development hydropower to customers that commit to job retention or capital investment. Customers benefit from fixed rates that provide price predictability throughout the year. Some may receive additional savings on the delivery of power through exemptions from various local utility surcharges. Each customer’s savings will vary depending on their power usage, and the operational characteristics of their facility.

Companies that are awarded hydropower allocations will become NYPA customers.  As a NYPA customer, your company will be eligible to access NYPA’s other programs and services - including energy advisory and energy efficiency project implementation services. Your company can also purchase additional competitively-priced clean power through NYPA’s Market+ Power program.

We recommend that you contact us to learn more about our economic development hydropower programs.

I understand you have three hydropower programs – ReCharge NY, Western NY Hydropower, and Preservation Power. Can you explain which one I might be eligible for?

The right clean power program for you will depend upon eligibility and factors such as the geographic location of your business, whether or not an expansion is currently contemplated (including size and scope), and whether or not your company plans to add electric load.

As noted, our hydropower allocations are done on a competitive basis to support economic development. Allocation decisions are based on factors including job retention and creation, and capital investment commitments.

Contact NYPA or email us at poweringbusiness@nypa.gov to learn more about which program is right for your organization.

Do you offer fixed and variable rates?

NYPA typically offers its hydropower programs at a fixed rate for 12-months with annual adjustments.

How are you different from the ESCOs and the IOUs?

NYPA’s hydropower programs are designed to stimulate jobs and investment in New York State. Our hydropower programs were created through legislation, and provide eligible businesses with cost-effective energy and long-term stability for budgeting.

NYPA is a State authority, and you can trust that our programs are straightforward with no hidden fees, penalties, or escalation clauses. Our goal is to provide you with cost-effective solutions and the best information to meet your energy needs and help your business succeed.

NYPA has over 60 years of expertise in clean energy solutions, and customers who take power from NYPA are also eligible for NYPA’s broader advisory and energy efficiency services.

What happens if I sign up, and then I don’t meet the job creation and capital investment requirements?

NYPA’s economic development hydropower programs are allocated based on job retention, creation, and capital commitments. Your Key Account Manager will work with you to review compliance requirements annually, and evaluate your organization’s circumstances. Non-compliance may result in a reduction of your power allocation or an adjustment to your commitments.

I am ready to apply to one of NYPA’s hydropower programs (ReCharge NY, Western NY Hydropower, or Preservation Power). What do I do next?

We recommend that you first contact us to understand the application requirements for each of these economic development hydropower programs. We can evaluate your circumstances to help you understand the best program for you, and we can guide you through the application process. You can also email us at poweringbusiness@nypa.gov or call us at 1-888-562-7697.

There is a separate application process for Preservation Power, Western New York Hydropower, and ReCharge NY:

  • For Preservation Power and Western NY Hydropower, your NYPA team can lead you through the application process. You can reach your NYPA team as noted above.
  • For ReCharge NY, we recommend that you first contact us to learn more about eligibility and the application process. You can also read more about ReCharge NY here: Qualifications | Application | ReCharge Recipients.
  • For your ReCharge NY application, it will help to have the following information available:

    • Facility location
    • Twelve (12) months of electric utility invoices
    • Current energy provider information
    • Current employment
    • Estimated 5-year annual capital investment
    • For new facilities or expansion of existing facilities:
      • Project summary and timeline
      • Anticipated new load
      • Anticipated new employment levels
      • Anticipated project cost or capital investment

    Learn more about ReCharge NY's Consolidated Funding Application Process by viewing the CFA Process Guide or start your CFA application here.

    To learn about the allocation process, and to see the bylaws, visit EDPAB | NNYPPAB | WNYPPAB.

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