Market+ Power is competitively-priced green energy, reliably delivered by NYPA, and available across New York. It’s a simple way for you to move your clean energy goals forward.

The Market+ Power product (previously known as Blended Power) is a green power option from NYPA, and is a great way to add green energy at competitive rates. We offer price stability in the form of fixed or variable rates, and straightforward pricing with no hidden costs or escalation clauses.

This is the perfect product for customers looking to replace all or some of their power with green power. We offer this energy option across New York to local government customers. It is also available to our existing hydropower customers. So if you are a business or not-for-profit that is already receiving hydropower from NYPA, you can use Market+ Power to increase your percentage of green energy. We sell Market+ Power at standard, 51%, or 100% green, which means that you can use it to increase your percentage of green energy, or to ramp up to your full energy requirements.

Build a cleaner, economically strong New York with Market+ Power - competitively-priced and available at fixed rates. Generated 100% in New York for New York.

Learn more about how NYPA’s Market+ Power product can meet your energy needs.

Why Market+ Power?
Market+ Power is the perfect green power product - available at fixed rates, and reliably delivered by NYPA
Structured to meet your financial needs
Price stability with
fixed or variable rate options
We offer price stability with the option of a fixed or variable rate to meet your budget needs.
paper icon
with no fine print
With NYPA as your supplier, you get pricing that is transparent and straightforward.
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Clean Energy with
No Compliance Requirements
If you are a power supply customer of NYPA, or a local government - then you are eligible. There are no additional job creation or capital improvement requirements.
A simpler path to procurement
From New York,
For New York
Market+ Power is 100% generated and sold within New York State - supporting our local economy.
FAQs & Eligibility
Am I eligible to purchase Market+ Power from NYPA?

New York State local governments and state agencies are eligible to purchase Market+ Power from NYPA. Businesses, hospitals, universities, and not-for-profits that are currently purchasing power through one of NYPA’s power programs (ReCharge, WNY, and Preservation Power) are also eligible to purchase Market+ Power from NYPA.

Do you offer a fixed and variable rate?

Yes. Choose a fixed-rate contract, or opt for variable rates. You can review your contract every 12 months, and can cancel with 90-day notification.

Where in New York is this product available?

Market+ Power is available across New York State. This means that NYPA can supply Market+ Power to any local government in New York. Market+ Power is also available to State agencies, and to NYPA’s corporate and not-for-profit power customers.

I represent a local government. Why should I choose Market+ Power for green energy?

NYPA’s Market+ Power product is the perfect green power product for your local government.

All local governments are now eligible. For many years, NYPA supplied power to only the largest local governments in the state. With Market+ Power, all local governments are now eligible.

Clean energy from NYPA. Market+ Power is power that you purchase directly from NYPA - a reliable power supplier with a breadth of advisory and implementation services. Replace some or all of your power supply with green Market+ Power from NYPA.

Choice of variable or fixed rate. These pricing options help meet your budgeting needs.

Transparency. With NYPA as your power supplier, you get transparent pricing - with no fine print.

Support the New York economy. Market+ Power is generated and sold 100% within New York State.

Green power is just one of the many products and services that NYPA offers. When you sign up for green Market+ Power, you are also starting a relationship with NYPA that can support your organization’s clean energy and energy efficiency goals for years to come.

I own or represent a New York State business or not-for-profit. Why should I choose Market+ Power for green energy?

NYPA’s Market+ Power product is an excellent green power choice for New York-based businesses. If you are a customer of NYPA, you can choose Market+ Power to replace some of your energy and become more green:

Green power for sustainability. You can purchase green power to replace your current power supply, or to supplement your hydropower.

Transparency. With NYPA as your power supplier, you are taking power from a reliable organization, and you get transparent pricing. There is no fine print.

Choice of variable or fixed rate. These pricing options help you meet your budgeting needs.

No compliance requirements. This is green power that is separate from the hydropower that NYPA provides as part of its Economic Development programs. Market+ Power has no incremental job creation or capital investment requirements.

How is Market+ Power different from the power that we can get from your Economic Development programs (ReCharge NY, WNY Hydropower, and Preservation Power?)

Our Economic Development programs provide economic development hydropower to organizations that contribute to job growth or add capital investment in New York State. Market+ Power is competitively-priced green power that is available within New York State without compliance requirements.

NYPA’s Market+ Power product comes with no incremental compliance requirements. NYPA’s Economic Development programs require job creation and capital investment to qualify for hydropower. NYPA’s Market+ Power product provides competitively-priced green energy with no capital or investment requirements. NYPA’s existing Economic Development customers can use Market+ Power to “Green up” the remaining portion of their power, without triggering additional jobs and capital investment requirements.

NYPA’s Market+ Power product is available to both for-profit businesses and not-for-profit customers. NYPA’s Economic Development programs are available only to for-profit businesses. The Market+ Power product is available to for-profit businesses, not-for-profit customers, and also to local governments and state agencies.

I’d like more information. How do I reach you to discuss the Market+ Power product or other products at NYPA?

We are ready to discuss your energy management needs. We can help you understand eligibility for our products, and can also provide a custom rate quote if you would like to see one. Fill in this form to contact us, or email Joseph Crimi, Key Account Manager at

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