NYPA takes the complexity out of solar + storage. We help you find the best solutions and can maximize your savings.

NYPA simplifies the complex process of going solar. We offer end-to-end services from advisory to implementation, and have expertise across all areas - including on-site solar + storage, standalone storage, and community solar.

We act as your partner, and fully evaluate all options based on your sustainability, resiliency, and budget management goals. If solar + storage is right for you, we help you through every step - from scoping to implementation. We help you identify developers, and can identify the best financing options or structure a deal with no upfront costs. NYPA can also help maximize incentives available from NYSERDA and other state and federal programs.

We can also show you the econmics of battery storage, and can tell you if there is the opportunity to generate revenue through the resale of excess power. NYPA takes the guesswork out of your negotiation with developers and distribution utilities - moving you swiftly through the contracting process.

Whether you are a university looking to add supplemental power, a hospital that needs battery storage to enhance its resiliency, or a local government that wants to implement solar power to meet clean energy targets – NYPA’s experts know how to make the most of your site. If it’s smarter for you to wait, our advisors will tell you. Our commitment is to help you make the best decision to meet your needs.

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NYPA also have expertise in community solar for customers that are interested in leasing their property. We also can match developers to community offtakers. Learn more.


Solar + storage can be complicated. NYPA makes it simple.
A simpler path to procurement
Expert advice
Our experts are here for you. We review your situation and provide advice about the cost and benefits of solar + storage. We go one step further and can suggest opportunities for incentives and savings. If it is not right for you, we will tell you so.
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Making it simple
We manage the details so you don't have to. NYPA identifies the best partners, and works with them to develop and construct your installation, including negotiations of system pricing, interconnection fees, permitting, and approvals.
Structured to meet your financial needs
Incentives, rebates, and
no upfront cost
NYPA knows how to get you the best deal. We have expertise identifying incentives and rebates, and can often structure your installation at no upfront cost. We can also show you how to generate revenue by selling energy back to the grid.
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A true partner
NYPA is with you every step of the way - bringing 60+ years of expertise managing clean energy projects. As a State Authority, we offer fully transparent, objective solutions that meet your needs.
This project underscores Fredonia's commitment to environmental stewardship. The solar array will provide significant long-term financial savings, while also supporting the institutional goal of environmental sustainability as outlined in Fredonia's strategic plan.
SUNY Fredonia Interim President Dennis Hefner
The Javits Center
The Javits Center wanted solar energy for reduced energy costs. NYPA is helping them build the largest solar roof project in Manhattan

The Javits Center boasts one of the largest “green roofs” in the country, with almost seven rooftop acres. In 2019, the Center decided to take its commitment to environmental responsibility even further, announcing it would build New York’s largest rooftop solar installation. NYPA, in partnership with Siemens, is installing 4,000 solar panels – capable of generating approximately 2 MW of solar power – coupled with a battery storage system.

This project is notable for its size, and its ability to transfer stored power from the battery into the electric grid during times of peak demand. This will make the grid more resilient and lower the Center’s energy bills.

The Result: Once complete, this project can reduce the Javits Center’s electricity bills, and adds resiliency to the grid.

FAQs & Eligibility
Am I eligible for NYPA’s on-site solar services?

Local governments, state agencies, New York-based businesses, and not-for-profit organizations are all eligible for on-site solar.

Can I get on-site solar? How do I know if solar is right for me?

A good solar project includes a location with good light and minimal shade for placement of ground mounted, roof mounted, or solar canopies. Our expert team of advisors can work with you to understand your goals, look at the feasibility of your site, develop cost-benefit analyses, and answer your questions to tell you if solar is right for you.

How do I get started?

We recommend that you start with a solar consultation.

We meet with you to understand your goals. We then evaluate the shade/light levels and opportunities for placement of solar panels. NYPA also reviews macro factors such as energy prices, available incentives, and the likelihood for interconnection approval. If a site is not a good fit because of structural issues, economics, or location, we will let you know.

Each solar project is unique, and NYPA provides objective analysis and advice to help you understand if you can achieve your goals with solar.

If the site is determined to be a good option for solar, we will develop an Authorization to Proceed (ATP) and NYPA will then create a detailed economic assessment and design. 

Do I own the solar panels when I work with NYPA?

Most customers are looking for the option to add solar panels at no upfront cost. For those customers, the developer owns and maintains the panels, and the customer receives solar energy at a rate that reduces their overall costs.

Some customers prefer to own the assets, to take advantage of the capital investment incentives that are available.

NYPA can help you understand which option is right for you.

Who maintains my solar panels?

In situations where the developer owns the asset, they will also maintain it. Since our contract structure is designed so the customer only pays for power that is produced, the developer has an incentive to maintain the panels for peak performance.

Should I consider a battery for storage?

The decision to add a battery depends on the customer’s requirements and needs. As part of our advisory service, NYPA can discuss the value of adding storage to your site. We will start by understanding your goals and assessing the potential benefits and costs of battery installation. We then evaluate the space, energy prices, likelihood for permitting approval, and available incentives.

If solar is not right for me, what other green energy options should I consider from NYPA?

NYPA offers green power supply to customers in the form of hydropower and Market+ Power (competitively-priced green energy). We can also help you implement energy efficiency projects.

Why should I go to NYPA for solar and storage advice and installation?

NYPA has scoped over 100 sites across the State, and brings significant expertise in pricing, site requirements, and incentive structuring.

As a state entity, we can act as your trusted advisor and owner’s rep – bringing developers to you, and negotiating system pricing, interconnection, and permitting approvals on your behalf. 

I'd like more information. How do I get started?

We are happy to help you understand solar better. You can contact us here or reach out to us at solar@nypa.gov.

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